Pulso is a private non-profit organization that protects fundamental human rights environmental and animal rights.

who are we ?

The foundation for the protection with Legal Unity, Solidarity and Organization PULSO, is an non-profit entity that seeks for the protection of fundamental rights of humans, animals and the environment; throughout researches that bring together professionals from different disciplines, with the objective of identifying and developing mechanisms that will help restore the lost rights.



This is a great opportunity to contribute your time you work and talent to transform the situation in Colombia.

Through your support we can carry out campaigns and research on issues related to fundamental rights of humans, animals and the environment.

Also you can learn more about the situation in Colombia strengthen your leadership mobilize others and change your life.

* REMEMBER International volunteers are only in COLOMBIA. We accept people from abroad but we do not take people outside COLOMBIA *

Requirements for the Professional Pulso volunteer

  • Have at least 12 hours per week to develop the activities in person.

  • Volunteer time 6 months

  • Have a medical Insurance

  • Valid passport

  • Apply for a temporary Visa (TP) * It is requested through the consulate portal *

  • Over 18 years old

  • Approve the selection process (Test wartegg)

  • Spanish B1

Profile of a Pulso volunteer

  • Social sensitivity and service attitude

  • Skills to be relate with others

  • Leadership skills

  • Positive and innovative though

  • logistics organization skills

  • Dynamic, cheerful and committed

  • Interest to do the organization of activities and events

  • Willing to promote the projects and objectives of the Foundation